Fishery Manager’s report for July 2017

The returns for the month show that 517 angler visits resulted in 2060 trout being caught with an average weight of 2 lb 7.5 oz. This is a catch rate of 3.98 trout per visit. Some excellent browns have being caught, the best a fish weighed in at just over 4 lb 8 oz. Water levels on West have risen by a further 2ft and stand at 26ft. East has risen by almost 3 ft and stands at 16ft. A large number of fish are still being caught from the East bank of East. The trout continue to be working very close to the lake edges. Floating lines with small black flies have been best as well as Sinfoil’s fry and other small fish imitations on the surface.
Boats anglers are doing well on the western end of the West Reservoir and around the drowned island on West Hallington. On East Hallington the area to the east of the inlet is fishing best with the east bank of the East fishing best from the Boats.

Prospects and Flies

The water levels are now static. On East, perch fry are present in good numbers and are becoming a larger part of what the trout are eating. There are some small Sedge flies on the water in the evenings. Most of the trout caught have been on the surface. Anglers are now hoping for some sunshine and some warmer weather. Small fish imitations should be the best flies at Hallington for the next few weeks with Sedge pupa being best in the evenings.

Members catches to 3rd August 2017