Fishery Manager’s report for May 2017

The returns for the month show that 571 angler visits resulted in the catch of 2436 trout with an average weight of 2 lb 8 oz. This is a very creditable catch rate of 4.27 trout per visit. Some excellent browns have been caught, including a fish returned that was estimated to be over 10 lb. Westwater now has both lakes fishing well, but there is still a reluctance by members to walk the over half mile to fish the highly productive east bank of the East Reservoir. So far the number of fish caught from the east bank of East is almost double that from any other place. The fish catch is increasing as more anglers fish there. Water levels on West are down by 14 ft and now stand at 22ft. The East remains at -13ft. Both lakes continue to fall. The trout have been very close to the lake edges. Floating lines and small black flies have been best. Hawthorns, Black Gnats, Black midge and Alder Flies have all been hatching and giving great sport on the surface.

Boats are beginning to do well, especially over the drowned island on West Hallington. Dawson’s and Montanas have done well from the boats and from the deeper water on both lakes Kate McLaren, Viva and Small black dries have been the best flies in the shallows.

Prospects and Flies

Hatches of black fly are on the water now on all sunny days, as well as some hatches of good sized sedge flies. Green midges are hatching in the evenings and some caenis. Most of the trout caught have been taken from the surface. Anglers are now looking forward to the evening fishing in June.